It’s Your Health – Take Care

Conventional Medicine treats the parts of us that are ailing. This is done mainly with pharmaceutical treatments. This comes from a view of our body as separate parts and not as a whole being.

Prescription drugs are used to repair our defective parts with little or no concern for the possible harmful effects on some of our otherwise healthy parts.

We all see the ads for these products on TV. The voiceover announcer spends 10 seconds touting the healing benefits of a drug and 50 seconds, auctioneer style, warning about the side effects.

Many great medical discoveries over the years are allowing many people to live today with illnesses that would otherwise be fatal. But western medicine’s focus is on the symptoms, and to a lesser extent, the cure. Not the prevention.

When symptoms are controlled the treatment is considered to be successful. The symptoms are managed but the cause of the illness has not been addressed.

Conventional medicine is fixated on numbers. A disease or illness is identified by its symptoms and doctors look at the numbers, high blood pressure, diabetes etc., and prescribe treatment based on the numbers. The disease or illness remains until the cause is treated.

“Symptoms control” buys you time to find and treat the cause of your disease or illness. Too many of us do not go beyond the prescription for drug treatment of the symptoms. We are happy with the temporary relief and the fact that we can pop a pill whenever the symptoms appear again.

We do have excellent western medicine practitioners, but very few write prescriptions for proper nutrition and exercise. This is all our body needs in most cases to treat the cause of many of our common diseases and illnesses.

Healthy food is the best medicine. Yes, it is that simple. Researchers on healthy lifestyles all over world come to the same conclusion. A whole foods, plant-based diet together with regular exercise will help us to live long and healthy lives.

Our doctors can help with the treatment of symptoms but we have the control over the cure. Our body has the ability to cure itself if given the right foods and exercise.

No doctor can cure a disease or illness. Your doctor can diagnose your diabetes but you have to take control and change your diet and start exercising if you really want to be cured.

Unfortunately too many of us believe that we can be reckless with our health because we have a great medical system and highly knowledgeable, skilled doctors to take care of us.