A New Old Idea, on Real Natural Health

Natural health is not an alternative health care system. It has been around for thousands of years. Modern medicine has been around for about 100 years. God is the creator of all, there is no question that man cannot improve on the original creation, although man thinks he can. If man thinks he can improve on it, then we really have an inferior God, and I think not. What does real natural health mean? The creation model is all that was here before man and has not been altered by man. We really could call that organic. Getting real health is not about eating grass and drinking weird beverages. That can be all good for you, but it likely will not repair any real root issues.

That means all of modern mankind has been trying to do something with health care, but have been chasing symptoms and not finding root issues. Man has made medicine that chases that symptom and creates more side effects than the symptom they were after. Something is seriously wrong with this concept.

After years of looking at this and studying God’s Word and His creation in nature, I am finally convinced of all of the foregoing as an absolute. I get asked all of the time, can you prove all of this? If you mean prove it by man’s standard and science, then I would say no, because that is the wrong standard. If you mean can I prove it in nature, I will say absolutely yes. All of nature is screaming it. If you just look at a leaf off of a tree as an example, it is a really interesting creation.

Leaves do not just fall off a tree randomly. There is a creative process they go through. They have cells in them that are called “abscission” cells. They have the same root as the word scissors, meaning they are designed or created, like scissors, to make a cut; Cutting the leaf a little at a time until it falls off or gets blown off because it has been cut at the stem. The tree has to get rid of excess baggage and become dormant for the winter. There are a number of other reasons they come off I will not take the time to go into. But when a leaf comes off of the tree, it goes to the ground in a forest of trees to start the rotting process to become fertilizer for the ground to enrich the soil to grow more and stronger roots and bark and more, all has a purpose. All of this process has a purpose in God’s Kingdom. This is also a way that God lets us know about things or events of our life, good and bad. All will fall to the ground to become rich soil to keep us growing and ultimately become what God created us to be.

If you really study this whole process from a creation perspective and not an evolutional process, you will start to see a creative design. It is the only true conclusion that can come from this type of study. There are always those who will argue with the tree and all of creation. Arguing with a tree or any creation is not very smart from my perspective and experience.

Man was created in a similar way, with a very exact process of operation. Every cell in the human body has a function that has to do with life on earth. The human body has only one goal, that is to stay alive and do what it was created for. With that in mind, the body always handles the acute issue first that threatens the life of the body. As an example It will always try to deal with bleeding first so the body can live.
In extreme cold weather, it will slow the blood flow down in all of the extremities in an attempt to keep the core of the body functioning or alive even losing the limbs in the process.

The point of all of this is attempting to repair the human body by disassociating the heart from the rest of the body will never be good for the life of the body. In other words, you can do nothing with the heart without considering the rest of the body. There are cells that communicate with each other from head to toe in order to keep the highest priorities in order. You cannot treat an organ by itself. I know the science world will argue with all of this from their standard of care. The body is in perfect balance and order when it is put back to how God created it and this is very doable.

Change the paradigm to how the creation works and it opens many doors and starts to make perfect sense because all of creation makes sense. Man making chemical drugs and attempting to force the body to do what it was not created for never will make sense. This system only makes a lot of money for a lot of people. The main issue is you cannot patent anything in natural creation so manmade chemicals are sometimes put together saying it all came from natural ingredients and it in the real sense has not.